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Top Five Boutique Hotels in Cartagena

Nestled along the Caribbean coast of Colombia, Cartagena boasts a captivating blend of colonial charm, vibrant culture, and stunning architecture. Amidst the cobblestone streets and colorful facades, boutique hotels offer an intimate retreat for travelers seeking luxury and personalized experiences. Here are the top five boutique hotels in Cartagena that promise to elevate your stay in this enchanting city.

1. Ananda Hotel Boutique

Ananda Hotel Boutique

Embrace tranquility and elegance at Ananda Hotel Boutique, where contemporary design meets historic ambiance. Located within the walled city, this boutique gem features stylish rooms adorned with modern amenities and chic décor. Enjoy panoramic views of Cartagena from the rooftop terrace, unwind by the sparkling pool, or indulge in authentic Colombian cuisine at the onsite restaurant. With personalized service and attention to detail, Ananda Hotel Boutique ensures a memorable stay in Cartagena.

2. Hotel Boutique Casona del Colegio

Hotel Boutique Casona del Colegio

Immerse yourself in the rich heritage of Cartagena at Hotel Boutique Casona del Colegio, housed within a meticulously restored colonial mansion. Step into a world of sophistication and charm as you explore the intricately designed courtyards, elegant corridors, and spacious suites adorned with antique furnishings. Indulge in a rejuvenating spa treatment, savor gourmet delights at the hotel’s restaurant, or simply unwind in the serene ambiance of this historic retreat.

3. Hotel Casa Don Luis by Faranda

Hotel Casa Don Luis

Discover the perfect blend of luxury and authenticity at Hotel Casa Don Luis by Faranda, a boutique oasis nestled in the heart of Cartagena’s old town. Combining colonial architecture with contemporary comforts, this boutique hotel offers a serene sanctuary for discerning travelers. Each thoughtfully appointed room exudes charm and character, while the rooftop terrace provides a breathtaking setting for enjoying sunset views over the city skyline. With its warm hospitality and personalized service, Hotel Casa Don Luis invites guests to experience the true essence of Cartagena.

4. Casa Baloco by Soho

Casa Baloco By Soho

Experience the epitome of boutique luxury at Casa Baloco by Soho, a hidden gem tucked away in Cartagena’s historic center. This intimate hotel exudes understated elegance, with beautifully appointed rooms featuring stylish décor and modern amenities. Guests can unwind in the lush courtyard, savor exquisite cuisine at the onsite restaurant, or explore the city’s vibrant streets just steps away. With its intimate ambiance and impeccable attention to detail, Casa Baloco offers a truly unforgettable stay in Cartagena.

5. Amarla Boutique Hotel Cartagena

Amarla Boutique Hotel Cartagena

Escape to a world of romance and indulgence at Amarla Boutique Hotel Cartagena, a captivating retreat set within a beautifully restored colonial mansion. From its stunning architecture to its lush tropical gardens, every aspect of this boutique hotel exudes charm and sophistication. Relax in luxurious suites adorned with handcrafted furnishings and elegant décor, dine on gourmet cuisine prepared with locally sourced ingredients, or pamper yourself with a rejuvenating spa treatment. With its unparalleled beauty and warm hospitality, Amarla Boutique Hotel promises a truly enchanting stay in Cartagena.

In conclusion, Cartagena’s boutique hotels offer a blend of luxury, charm, and personalized service that ensures an unforgettable stay in this historic city. Whether you’re seeking a tranquil retreat or a romantic getaway, these top five boutique hotels promise to elevate your experience and leave you longing to return to Cartagena’s captivating shores.


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